Friday, July 20, 2012

Sorry For Not Updating The Past Couple Weeks!

This summer is killin' me! Add in the heat waves that have been following me everywhere I go, & the travel that I do for my non-crafty/DIY jobs.....and we've got a slightly non-getting things done Ginger. After I do my trip to the Chicago area next week, it'll hopefully mean I can actually do things with the kick butt stuff that is simply screaming at me to get to work on it!

While I'm posting, though, I'd like to do my usual 'does anybody know of cool places to treasure hunt' question. I'm going to be in the general Chicago area, & anything from junk stores to Goodwill to places with architectural salvage are fair game in my little world. Hey, a girl can't help but ask.
Stay cool out there, y'all!