Thursday, August 23, 2012

Random Find In DC

While on my way to a salvage store in DC yesterday, I passed a home that was being taken apart. I saw they were just throwing everything away, & I couldn't leave without at least asking if I could save anything from the dump. 

This window was original to the house, which was apparently built in 1921. I'm loving it!

I couldn't help myself and went back this morning, just in case. I looked inside the rowhouse & it'd be taken apart all the way to just the foundation & support beams. I nearly cried when they told me they sent everything to the dump around 6am this morning. 

Yes, I have a weird love of trying to 'save' old things. It breaks my heart for some reason to see things that are still useful just being thrown away!

Monday, August 6, 2012

So much fun at the World's Longest Yard Sale yesterday!

Had so much fun at the World's Longest Yard Sale yesterday. If it weren't raining, I'd have probably ended up with a few truck loads of new treasures. 90% of the vendors had either packed up or had to cover up all their goods to keep them from the pouring rain, but the vendors that did stay were so friendly & willing to make deals that it was worth the drive.

I went from Albany, KY to around Crossville, TN, & I can't even try to imagine how busy it must have been before the bad weather moved in. Hundreds upon hundreds of places to treasure hunt, & I think I've fallen in love with this little stretch of 127.

Now I have so much to look forward to next year...

Did you go to the 127 sale? What section did you go through? Find anything totally amazing? Let's share our found treasures!