Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginger Rescues The Lonely Little Table

Remember when I went to Asheville, NC a few weeks ago? In between my photoshoots I had a bit of time to go treasure hunting, so I automatically decided the Habitat Restore as well as a couple Goodwills were on my priority list. The stock in these 2 particular chains is so varied that I honestly believe I could tour America going to nothing but Goodwill and the Habitat Restore and find everything a person could possibly need for their home. (It just takes a bit of digging sometimes!)

I fell in love with so many things at Habitat, I can't even begin to explain my love. It was a really, really nice store. Probably one of the best I've ever been to. If I had a Uhaul and unlimited cash I'd have probably almost cleared that store out. However...I'm a person on a mega-budget, so I got very, very selective...very quickly.

There were tons of mid-century tables, with all kinds of different details, finishes, and present physical condition. This little one caught my eye because of the details on the sides. After digging through the entire store to see if it had a mate, I conceded that it was all by its lonesome self. Picking it up, I marched toward the register & loaded my lonely friend into my car.

It is now sitting in my garage. Nowhere near as lonely as it used to be (part of the fabric bonanza landed on it), but not yet even fully cleaned off. I'm thinking some light tones, maybe a pale grey with a cool accent color to go along with it.....maybe. I've got to wait until it cools off a bit to even think about working on this, or I'll die of heat stroke trying to make old things new again. That doesn't do any good.

Monday, June 18, 2012

I am now in possession of tons of things to work on.

I will take pics & post them soon, I'm just exhausted today.

So excited to have all kinds of cool things to play with! (And thank you very, very much to the person that decided to let me have all of them.)

Saturday, June 16, 2012

About To Dive In The Abyss Known As Pinterest

On the search for cool storage ideas.

(I'm on Pinterest, by the way- My Pinterest )

The Fabric Bonanza May Be The Death Of Me

As I mentioned in a post earlier in the week, I became the owner of almost 1000lbs of fabric, mostly in the form of remnants & scraps. I've got enough fabric for every project I can come up with for the next 5 years. Having such a high volume of material requires one major, major thing-storage. Storage that's actually organized. (I can't just throw all of it into a pile & box it up, that's not my style.) However, I'm totally stuck on what I should do with all of it. 

I'm asking you, dear readers, for suggestions on what the heck I should do to with all this stuff. Bonus points for DIY/repurposing suggestions!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

New Item In My Etsy Shop.

Hand painted and distressed wooden frame. Holds 8x10 photo/art

This is the first of a few new items I'll be adding to my shop in the next couple weeks. Like my work but have a different size/color scheme/material in mind? Send me a message & I can do custom work for you. Easy peasy!

When An Ad On Craigslist Says 'Free Fabric'....

I'm the kind of girl that combs through the 'free' section of Craigslist on multiple occasions each day. Sometimes the good stuff is gone so fast that the ad seems to disappear before I can even email/call about getting more information about whatever is being advertised, so when I saw an ad for 'FREE FABRIC' a little bit ago, I emailed instantaneously.

The fact that I got an email back 5 minutes later with more info made me slightly giddy. I always, always  need fabric for different projects, & I am not the kind of girl to argue with free. Even if only 50% of the stuff they had was decent it was FREE, so I hopped in the car & made my way over to the address I was given.

When I got to the location I nearly choked to death. The ad failed to mention that there was damn near half a warehouse full of boxed and bagged up fabric. Remnants, rolls, scraps, trims....everything a person could ever even think about needing for crafting/art projects. I only had one problem-I had to take entire boxes, picking through things wasn't allowed. And I had to take at least 10 boxes. 10 very, very large boxes. Boxes I could fit myself inside.

I am now the proud owner of almost 1000lbs of fabric. I'm pretty sure it's more fabric than I could even think of using in the next few years, but I'm up for suggestions as to how to utilize all of this stuff in some way.

Lesson here? When an ad on Craigslist says 'FREE FABRIC', sometimes you end up with way, way, way than you bargained for...

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hittin' the road for a couple days....

Gotta hit the road this evening to head to Knoxville & then on to Asheville, NC for work. Any cool places I can get new things to work on that I should check out along the way?