Thursday, January 3, 2013

Day Two!

Yesterday I posted a couple of shots of a pair of mid-century side tables from my first 'project' of 2013. Well, they've now been fully painted & are so much more fun looking than what I started with! I'm going to lightly sand them, & then I'm going to distress the heck out of them so the 'shabby chic'/'cottage chic' look is complete!

Once I seal them & let them cure, they're going to be looking for a new home! Once they're ready to go they'll be for sale on my Etsy & my Facebook Business Page .

Happy Thursday, y'all!

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

First project of 2013!

Now that I am 'officially' out of my cast & I'm learning to walk again, I can *finally* get to work on all the furniture projects that have been calling out to me for the past 5 months. For my first 'project' of 2013, I decided giving a small pair of mid-century side tables a bit of love would be a good way to get started....

After mixing my chalk paint using Webster's Chalk Paint Powder (which is fab, by the way!), I pulled up my hair & got to paintin'...

After doing one coat of Behr's 'Glow', I sanded just a tiny bit over a couple sections that wanted to give me problems. I finished up the second coat a little bit ago, & this is what has been done so far! (Yes, I am going to paint the legs, probably first thing in the morning.)

So yay for starting the first project of 2013!