Saturday, June 16, 2012

The Fabric Bonanza May Be The Death Of Me

As I mentioned in a post earlier in the week, I became the owner of almost 1000lbs of fabric, mostly in the form of remnants & scraps. I've got enough fabric for every project I can come up with for the next 5 years. Having such a high volume of material requires one major, major thing-storage. Storage that's actually organized. (I can't just throw all of it into a pile & box it up, that's not my style.) However, I'm totally stuck on what I should do with all of it. 

I'm asking you, dear readers, for suggestions on what the heck I should do to with all this stuff. Bonus points for DIY/repurposing suggestions!


  1. Storage totes that you can slide into tote shelves are one possibility. A 1000 pounds of fabric does present a storage problem. Pigeon holes, like at a post office, only bigger could also work. That would not be to much of a problem to build and put in your garage. I must do some more brainstorming on this.

  2. Closet cubes, closet drawers and stackable closet storage cabinets could work.

  3. I came up with this link that might give you some ideas;

  4. Oooh. Cool places to go find things

  5. If the most convenient way to store it is in boxes (or drawers/cabinets with doors), take a scrap of each fabric that's in each box and tack it to the front. Kind of like how you put a smear of paint on the top of each paint can. So you can just glance and know what's where!

  6. I was planning on organizing by color, so if I needed say, blues, I could just grab the stuff that's storing the blue stuff, etc. So I'm for sure going to put something at the front/on top of each container so I can grab & get down to business!

  7. I have these Tupperware boxes that I store things in for my memory boxes.
    I'd suggest getting those, sorting them by colors and patterns like what you said, then tape samples of the fabrics on the cover, for easy finding.

  8. I have these Tupperware boxes that I store things in for my memory boxes.
    I'd suggest buying some Rubbermaid boxes:
    This is about the size of my memory boxes:
    They're nice to put under my bed.

    Sort the fabric into colors and patterns like you said, and then tape a sample of the fabric to the top of the box for easy finding.

    Brigette :)