Sunday, June 3, 2012

Hittin' the road for a couple days....

Gotta hit the road this evening to head to Knoxville & then on to Asheville, NC for work. Any cool places I can get new things to work on that I should check out along the way?


  1. There is supposedly an awesome thrift store between Kingston Pike and Parkside Drive right next to a Ryan's in Knoxville. It is called KARM Thrift Store. It use to be roller skating rink so it is a pretty good size place. They are suppose to have lots of old furniture that people donate other donated items like clothes and such. They sell the items dirt cheap and use the proceeds to help the homeless.

  2. A friend and classmate of lives in Asheville and she sent me this to pass along to you;
    There are alot of places here....But the ones that I have been to that I like. Tell her to go to Biltmore Avenue. At the corner of Biltmore Avenue and Bryson Street there is a huge antique shop there that I like and the ones that are my fave are on Swannanoa River Road. there are a couple barns along that road that are set up as antique shops now....they are huge and have plenty to choose from. She can get on Swannanoa River Road off of Biltmore Avenue too. Hope that helps:)