Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Ginger Rescues The Lonely Little Table

Remember when I went to Asheville, NC a few weeks ago? In between my photoshoots I had a bit of time to go treasure hunting, so I automatically decided the Habitat Restore as well as a couple Goodwills were on my priority list. The stock in these 2 particular chains is so varied that I honestly believe I could tour America going to nothing but Goodwill and the Habitat Restore and find everything a person could possibly need for their home. (It just takes a bit of digging sometimes!)

I fell in love with so many things at Habitat, I can't even begin to explain my love. It was a really, really nice store. Probably one of the best I've ever been to. If I had a Uhaul and unlimited cash I'd have probably almost cleared that store out. However...I'm a person on a mega-budget, so I got very, very selective...very quickly.

There were tons of mid-century tables, with all kinds of different details, finishes, and present physical condition. This little one caught my eye because of the details on the sides. After digging through the entire store to see if it had a mate, I conceded that it was all by its lonesome self. Picking it up, I marched toward the register & loaded my lonely friend into my car.

It is now sitting in my garage. Nowhere near as lonely as it used to be (part of the fabric bonanza landed on it), but not yet even fully cleaned off. I'm thinking some light tones, maybe a pale grey with a cool accent color to go along with it.....maybe. I've got to wait until it cools off a bit to even think about working on this, or I'll die of heat stroke trying to make old things new again. That doesn't do any good.


  1. I see why you fell in love with it. My grandparents had two end tables very similar to that. If my memory serves me right, the sides of them were more of a maple leaf design. I do with wish I had some of the items they use to have. But I don't thanks to my dad and aunt. They auctioned off everything after my grandmother passed away. Even her house, which my dad and granddad built themselves in the early '60s.
    That is a very fine piece of furniture.

  2. Look at you being all crafty you crafty person you :) --Miranda

  3. Nice legs, shame about the face.

    Where I come from, Habitat is rather "upmarket" so I'm guessing this is somewhere different... But this is rather an odd shape, so what's it actually for???

  4. Well, first off, peel off - what looks like in the photo anyway - the damned Formica on the surface. It's reminiscent of a cobbler's bench BTW, so maybe turn it into a bench of some sort, assuming that the legs can take the load. Maybe just remove the upper tier - sorta' too busy - and refinish what looks like a handsome wood of some sort. Turn it into a simple occasional table or electronic stand of some sort.

    Just a thought.