Monday, September 17, 2012

Finding This Place Made Me Sad

See y'all, when I found this place a couple months ago I actually cried by the time I was done crawling around the property. It's the kind of place that I wish I could have found & 'rescued' before it got to this point.'s mostly to the point of no return, & 90% of the stuff can't be salvaged after being abandoned for more than 10 years & having people use it as a place to 'party' & stuff.

All these clothes were just left hanging. As years went by people tore them down, took them, etc. How this sad little desk ended up on top of everything is a mystery, but I can tell it used to be gorgeous.

There was so much furniture that must have been gorgeous before it was left to fend for itself. This wardrobe was just falling to pieces....

Can you see the tall white skinny thing in the center of the photo? That's a door. It's still quite pretty. It's just standing there, all lonely looking.

Yeah, the whole property just turned into a place to 'party' & stuff. It was just depressing seeing something that used to be a well constructed home & property just reduced to a shell of a structure.

The roof/ceiling has collapsed in several places, causing all the things inside to be exposed to the elements over the years.

Yeah, there is no roof or ceiling left here. 

This kind of place. It's the kind of place that I want to prevent from existing. I don't want places to be abandoned to just fall apart when there are things that can be saved & loved by somebody else. See y'all, I want to find these before the only good option is to bulldoze them.

When I say I want to crawl around old barns, farms, homes, sheds, & shacks, I really mean it. Even if I can only save a few things, it's worth it to me. 


  1. That is just too sad to look at. A lot of things in there could have been salvaged or donated years ago. To let it end up like this is just pitiful.

  2. I totally agree, such a waste, so may items that could have been loved by someone else...