Tuesday, September 11, 2012

You're probably wondering why you're staring at a bunch of boots....

There is an actual reason, I swear. I will be honest, I have tons of boots. (Sorry y'all, I wasn't taking pictures of all of them, somebody from the Hoarders show on tv could possibly show up if I did that. Ok not really, but you get the idea.) I love them. So much love for boots that I can't really put it into words.

Notice how all of them are standing up, even the tall ones? That doesn't happen automatically, & boots that are all bent over & taking up double the amount of space in my closet make me sad. I've been to places like Bed, Bath, & Beyond looking for boot holder uppers, & those dern things are expensive. Like, around $10 per pair expensive. I'm sorry, but that's just not happening.

I went to the place where all random problems are solved-Pinterest & started my quest for finding something that would make my boots stand up without having to pay $10 per pair to make it happen. And then.....the magic of a manila folder was introduced into my life. 

Holy crap, rolling up a manila file folder & then zipping it into my boots not only worked, but it didn't cost me a penny. (I'm one of those people with hundreds of file folders at all times.) Free beats $10 a pair any day of the week. I probably spent a good hour rolling up folders & stuffing them inside my boots, & I was so proud of this Pinterest experiment gone right that I had to post it.

For those of you without boots...just pretend that you think this is cool, ok?

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